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Dear V2ROCKET.COM; I am greatly impressed by your information on the A-4/V-2. It is with great interest that I read the comments about the launchings. I learned many new details of which I was not aware. Let's keep the information going.
—Konrad Dannenberg
"We have invaded space with our rocket and for the first time. We have used space as a bridge between two points on the earth; we have proved rocket propulsion practicable for space travel. This third day of October, 1942, is the first of a new era of transportation, that of space travel"
—General Walter Dornberger

   General Walter Dornberger and German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun were two men with a vision. The drive, energy and resourcefulness of Dornberger, mated with the ingenuity and passion of von Braun, created one of the greatest technological achievements of this century. The fact that this achievement was the product of the ruthless regime of Nazi Germany—and the fact that many thousands of people died as a result of its production and deployment—taint the image of what otherwise would be considered a monumental technological triumph.

   This is the A-4/V-2 Resource Site. It is devoted to one of the most awesome weapons of WWII - the V-2 rocket. The V-2 or Aggregat 4, was the first long range ballistic missile to be actively used in combat. This huge German rocket hurtled a one-ton warhead 50 miles high and hundreds of miles down range to its target. This site will try to give you an accurate account of the design, production and combat deployment of this weapon during World War 2.

   In an attempt to build a historical record, this website will exclude any political agendas. This website does not support any ideology of Nazi Germany. 

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