A-4/V-2 References


COMING 2017-2018 - Limited Edition

Peenemünde Special Vehicles – design, production and deployment of Division z.V.

Volker Ruff
Peenemünde 1942 -1945

Did you know the complexity of all the specials vehicles necessary to launch the A4 rocket in the field? This book will answers these questions. For each task; loading, carrying, testing, supply, launch and guiding of the rocket, special vehicles were designed or converted, thus like fire control vehicles, vehicles for supply, testing, fuel , trailers like the “Meillerwagen” and” Vidalwagen”, trailers for liquids, gantry cranes and rail cars including the launching railroad wagon.

All vehicle types are shown, photographs, detailed drawings, designs and technical specification based on historical documentation, production rate and deployment of the Division z.V. are part of this documentation.

256 pages, hardcover  in landscape format, text both in English and German with more than 250 rare and unpublished photographs of these special vehicles and devices. Additionally there are rare copies of original documents and a set of detailed 1/35 scale drawings that will give historical (technical) researchers and scale modellers a great new source with valuable information.

COMING 2017-2018 - Limited Edition

Peenemünde Special Vehicles – Meillerwagen, vehicle number 102 and the launch table, variants design, production and deployment.

Volker Ruff
FR-Anhänger (S) (3 axle) 1942-1945

This supplementary volume dedicated to the “Meillerwagen” and “Starttisch” is full of technical data, historical reports, patents and information’s of its design company Meiller.

128 pages, hardcover in landscape format, text both in English and German, more than 100 rare and unpublished large format photographs of this special vehicle, and detailed photos of the surviving Meillerwagen’s and launch tables both in museums and depots around the world.

Additionally there are rare original Meiller documents and a set of detailed 1/35 scale drawings that will give historical (technical) researchers and scale modellers a great new source with valuable information.

COMING 2017-2018 - Limited Edition

Peenemünde Special Vehicles – Vidalwagen, vehicle number 601 variants design, production and deployment.

Volker Ruff

Transportanhänger 1942-1945

A supplementary volume dedicated to the “Vidalwagen” the trailer that carried the V2 rocket from its railroad delivery station to the launching crews. Full of technical data, historical reports, patents and information’s of the design company Vidal & Sohn.
128 pages, hardcover in landscape format, text both in English and German, more than 100 rare unpublished large format photographs and detailed photos of the only known surviving Vidalwagen. Vidal & Sohn documents and a set of detailed 1/35 scale drawings that will give historical (technical) researchers and scale modellers a great new source with valuable information.

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but may still be found at sources such as bibliofind.com or Ebay.