The Scale A-4/V-2 Rocket - Available Model Kits
Last Updated Aug. 2014
V-2 Paper Models
Free download of Ralph Currell's paper-model of the V-2 rocket
Build in ragged-camo or Peenemünde black-and white schemes. Thank you Ralph for this excellent, highly detailed, and FREE paper-model.
Ralph has newly added a paper-model of the V-1 Flying Bomb on his website.

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Available A-4/V-2 Flying Model Kits
Plastic, Resin & Static Models



V-2 in 1/35 - Steelmasters magazine article from 1995

Dragon 1/35

Accurate Armour 1/35 V-2 set

LEAD-WARRIOR 1/35 kits

DES Fries Crane

P. S. P. 1/35 kits

LeadSled 1/35 kits


  • Mini Art Studio (out of business) used to make some great accessories: Mini Art V-2 Meillerwagen & launch platform (MA3513) (Resin), Mini Art Hanomag SS-100 (MA3526) (Resin). FYI - There is a new Russian company now using the name Mini Art, but it is a different line of kits.
  • Revell also made a 1/35 scale V-2 kit that comes with the launching table, hard to find, but still around. (Warning; there are a lot of these kits with fins that do not fit to the rocket, they are not formed correctly.)
  • Accurate Armour V-2 with launch table (Resin) Accurate Armor's kit is quite expensive compared to Revell or Dragon, but it is better. It consists of a three-piece V-2 missile with separate fins; resin, metal, and plastic parts; and Accurate Armour touts, "it is the only 1/35 scale model of V-2 that is the correct shape." Also included are a correct standard pattern mobile firing platform and blast deflector, and a lightweight resin scenic base with steel ribbed foundation plate, 40cm tall. Photos at left: this kit is very detailed and heavy!
  • Azimut makes these kits and conversions for support vehicles:
Azimut Bussing-Nag 4500A (35028) (Resin)
Azimut Fuel trailer (AH 454) (35043) (Resin)
Azimut V-2 launching base & trailer (35082) (Resin)
Azimut Kesselwagen Opel Blitz conversion
Azimut Sd.Kfz.7/3 Feuerleitpanzer conversion
  • Cromwell Company sells: IR sight & batterypack (CA57)
  • AIRMODEL.DE offers in 1/35 a Opelblitz (conversion VAC-U-SET) for the (Italeri Opel Blitz) B-Stoff tank truck. They also offer a 1/35  (Dragon V-2 conversion set) for the A-4b (winged).
  • LEAD-WARRIOR (Russia) offers several 1/35 resin kits that look pretty good. The main attention is paid for historical accuracy and quality of the kits, to meet rising demands of collectors. Currently LW is working on line of 1/35 German WWII vehicles, both full kits and conversions—featuring very rare and interesting machines, such as the V-2 battery vehicles. The media used (bubble-free resin moulding and photo-etching) is more flexible than plastic, and allows the modeler to build museum-quality model without reworking and using addition materials. Hopefully, LW will make a Steyr 2000 conversion soon.
V-2 Rocket Control Vehicle, Feuerleitpanzerfahrzeug fur V-2 Raketen (Sd.Kfz.7/3) 1/35 Multimedia CONVERSION KIT for Tamiya Sd.Kfz.7/1 FlakVerling (35050) 31 RESIN PARTS.

V-2 Rocket T-Stoff Tanker Truck, T-Stoff Tank Wagen auf Basis des Opel Blitz 3t S, 1/35 CONVERSION RESIN KIT for ITALERI Opel-Blitz Einheitskoffer (kit # 368) (# 368 is out of production, however, # 216 can be used instead.) 44 RESIN PARTS, Detailed Rear Compartment, Doors optionally opened or closed, Bonus: Hand Fuel Pump. Note: Lw35001a or Lw35001b War-Time Wheels Set recommended to use along with this kit.

V-2 Rocket B-Stoff Tanker Truck, Brennstofftransporter auf Basis des Opel Blitz 3t S (Kfz.385), FULL RESIN KIT, 107 PARTS, Detailed chassis & cabin, includes Lw35001 kit (War-Time wheels set).

  • DES Fries Strabo-Crane 16-ton. Photo left. (Resin) 1/35 Fries Gantry Crane SKU: DES-35057- also: DES KIT Sd.Kfz.8 -12 ton Zugmachine (35076) (Resin) Super detailed resin kit. 
  • KORA 1/35 A-4b configuration III conversion set for Dragon or Revell's A-4/V-2 missile kit (Revell No. 03031). KORA Models originate from the Czech Republic and are high quality resin kits. They mainly produce aircraft, but also have a line of  unusual kits, making them one of the most original manufacturers available. NW901 - (9 resin parts)
  • P. S. P. kits are sometimes hard to find, and the prices are a bit expensive, but they used to make almost everything needed for you to build your own 1/35 scale A-4/V-2 diarama. Some of these kits may no longer be available.
35001   PSP  Sd.Kfz.7/3 Feuerleitpanzer
35002   PSP  Launch table w/dolly
35003   PSP  Meillerwagen
35004   PSP  Hanomag SS100
35005   PSP  Opel Blitz Tankwagen
35006   PSP  Opel Blitz Tankwagen 4x4
35007   PSP  Alcohol Bowser - (questionable -mold damaged)
35011   PSP  BÜSSING Nag4500A
35014   PSP  BÜSSING Nag4500 KOFFER
  • LeadSled kits are available from Scale Link. Produced in Dorset UK by Scale Link Ltd. These highly detailed miniatures are manufactured in 1/35 scale from top quality alloys and resins with etched Brass fittings where appropriate.
LSAA3501 Opel Blitz KFZ385 Fuel Truck Conversion
LSAA3509 Opel Blitz Hydrogen-Peroxide Tank Conversion
LSAA3502 Luftwaffe Fuel Trailer, complete resin/white metal kit

  • 1/48 scale Mauve V-2 kit.

Special-Armour full line of 1/72 V-2 related model kits

CMK 1/72 Vidalwagen

Planet 1/72 kits

TP Models
  • Special-Armour is a manufacturer from Czech Republic. The kits are from good quality and they offer the Hanomag SS-100, A-4/V-2 kit with launch table (in differing variants), Vidalwagen, Meillerwagen & LOX trailer. Now available from:
  • NEW WARE offers a large line of A-4/V-2 conversion kits.
  • Special Hobbys (from Czech Republic) A-9 and A-4B in 1/72 scale._Below: German magazine article about these kits.
  • Extra Tech has a very good looking 1-72 Fries Strabo-Crane with some resin, but a lot of photo-etched parts. Not quite correct for the V-2 battery, level surface solid rubber wheels, needs modifications.
  • Planet Models is another Czech company that offers in 1/72; Opel Blitz tanker, Meillerwagen, Kfz.385 tanker, Sd.Kfz.7/3 Feuerleitpanzer, LOX trailer, Bussing NAG and large air compressor.
  • TP Models offers several V-2 battery kits.
TP7259  OPEL BLITZ S 4x2 T-Stoffwagen
TP7253  Steyr 2000 A Stromerzeuger-elektrischwagen
TP7277  Opel Blitz Kfz 305/130
TP72151 Sd.Kfz 305 Bussing Nag
TP7242  Opel Betriebsstoff-Kesselkraftwagen,Kfz. 385
  • Matador line from Scale Link. Includes: AA7202 Luftwaffe Fuel Trailer and AA7201 Opel Blitz KFZ385 Fuel Truck
  • EMW offers the futuristic A-9 and A-10
  • Eidai V-2 Missile Complex in 1/76 scale with all control, radar, and transport equipment shown on the box cover. This kit is no longer available, but shows up on EBAY from time to time. 1974 Japanese kit complete with decals, instructions, and nice box. Includes WWII German Vengance Weapon A-4 missile (V-2), Meillerwagen transporter, Hanomag SS-100 heavy tractor, launching pad and trailer, 8 ton half-track launch control vehicle, fire guidance radar and trailer. Grip was another logo sometimes used by this company. Click here to download Stephen Remato's review and tip sheet for building this kit.
  • CMK Kits offers a new line of 1/87 scale V-2 vehicles including, the V-2 missile, the Meillerwagen, the Hanomag SS100, the Feuerleitpanzer fire-control vehicle, compressor trailer and LOX trailer.
  • BUB (Brand) Pre-made Die cast Hanomag SS100 truck. Blue & Black 1/87 (Canada)

Special thanks to Stan Druzynski and Bert Koopman for helping put this list together.

V-2 Plastic Model Retailers

"Modeling the V-2 Batterie" in 1/35 scale