A-4/V-2 Links and Related Sites
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Stichting 3 maart '45 (Foundation of March 3, 1945) - This is a historical subpage of the BEZUIDENHOUT.NL website. The topic of the main website is about a district of the city of The Hague, Netherlands. Stichting 3 maart '45 recounts the history of the accidental Allied bombing of the Bezuidenhout district, which was very close to the V-2 launching sites.

V2PLATFORM; V-2 Rockets Over The Hague - Dutch language  website maintained by Jos Borsboom. This foundation documents the history of the V-2 launches from the municipality of The Hague during 1944-1945.

V-1 V-2 Impacts Map Netherlands - Dutch language website by Thierry van den Berg and Henk Koopman. Nice site about V-Weapons sites and impacts in the Netherlands made by Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945 (SGLO). Collected info on more than 2000 v-weapon impacts in the Netherlands.

BUNKERPICTURES - On this website you can find pictures, locations, information about bunkers from WW2, The Atlantikwall and the Cold War.

Vliegveld Ockenburg- V-2 related page from a Dutch website. Details the V-2 activity in the area of the airfield at Ockenburg near The Hague.

The Netherlands 1940-1945 - The Netherlands 1940-1945, Study and Living History Group aims to educate people at events in Holland and abroad about how the civilian population lived through the occupation of Europe during the Second World War.

The Official Peenemünde Website

Frank Leuband's visit to Peenemünde - in September of 2002. Here are the photos from his trip.

A-4 LAUNCHERS - Detailed A-4/V-2 launch information compiled by David Howard.

Imperial War Museum London

Luftwaffe Resource: Huge archive of World War Two related links.

FLYING BOMBS AND ROCKETS UK - The aim of this site is to detail V-weapon impacts that occurred in South London, as well as a selection of major incidents across the capital.

Berg und Schieferstadt Lehesten - Geheimprojekt "Laura" - slate mine used for V-2 engine testing in Thuringer Wald.

Urban Projects: The Art of Exploring Abandoned Structures - The V-2 liquid oxygen plant at Thiennes is explored.

International V-2 Research Group member Laurent Bailleul's multiple websites; La fusée A-4 V-2 and LES SITES V-1 - du Nord de la France, highlight the early preparations of the V-weapons in France and Belgium prior to the invasion of Normandy.

Suchen Finden Aufklären - German site dealing with V-weapons locations and production.

Underground Factory of Caumont - Created by of International V-2 Research Group member Francois Bayeux and details this liquid oxygen factory located in Normandy near Rouen.

Nazi A-4/V-2 Rocket Technology - General information page using outside sources (such as V2ROCKET.COM)

Czech Homepage of the V-2 Rocket - Created by of International V-2 Research Group member Jirí Komprda, text is written in Czech and English languages. Many of the A-4 film reels are highlighted and analyzed. Excellent site.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photographs Mittelbau/Dora

A-4/V-2 crashes in Sweden - Linus Walleij's site dealing with the impact of a stray V-1 & V-2 missiles on Swedish soil in 1943-44. He also visits the impact crater near Bäckebo.

Relikte in Niedersachsen und Bremen - From Germany, Manfred Tegge's look at old depots, airfields, and other WWII relics in Lower Saxony and Bremen, Germany.

Usedom Peenemünde V2RAKETE.DE - Michael Keuer's site is in German with some English, but has many great photos and movies of Peenemünde as it looks today. The makeup and layout of the huge research facility is the main subject of this website.

Vimudeap - Virtual Museum of Dead Places - German site that transports you all over Germany and Poland, visiting old bunkers, forts, factories, memorials, etc.

The Third Reich Factbook - The Third Reich Factbook is full of information about Nazi Germany. This site has an awesome links page.

Real Hardware Index - Phil Broad's excellent model builders reference photography site. Very interesting indeed - has many V-2 photographs.

Preserved Axis Aircraft - Mikael Olrog's listing of surviving German aircraft and weapons from WW2.

Gedenkstätte Laura - Link to the memorial site of KZ Außenkommando "Laura", where they did V2 engine tests.

Begg's Aerospace V-2 Postwar - Site created by V-2 enthusiast, Bill Beggs, has a very comprehensive listing of post-war V-2 test flights with many pictures and information.

Lacoupole Museum - Wizernes V-2 Bunker - Located near St-Omer in France, this underground V-2 launching bunker was built after the Alled destruction of the Watten bunker. Never finished, the site was captured by invading Allied troops before it was operational.

UAHuntsville Exhibit 2010 - Website to coincide with the opening of exhibition about Mittelwerk-Dora slave labor camp.

LuftArchiv.de - Bert Hartmann's fantastic website featuring many German aircraft, rockets, and weapons.

WWW.STORMBIRDS.COM - A confederation of Luftwaffe-related web sites, providing reference-grade coverage of the Messerschmitt 262 and other advanced combat aircraft of the Third Reich. Well done.

492nd Heavy Bomb Group / Pickenhan, Norfolk, England - The U.S. 492nd flew 67 combat missions over Germany and Nazi occupied countries, losing a total of 55 Liberators and 520 young men.

Documentatiegroep '40 - '45 - Dutch historical group that documents German occupation in Holland during WW2.

Luft '46 by Dan Johnson - Nazi Germany's experimental and futuristic aircraft. Within the pages of Luft '46 you will find descriptions of these aircraft projects, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos and custom color artwork. Very interesting site with many areas to explore.

The Luftwaffe Resource Page - Very nice informational site providing a resource that covers all aspects of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) from 1935 to the present. Aircraft, support, powerplants and even rockets.

Me 163B Komet - The rocket powered fighter - Messerschmitt 163 B Komet. This web site is dedicated to the Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet, the only operational rocket-powered aircraft of the second world war.

The Atlantik Wall Website - International V-2 Research Group member Michel van Best's website detailing the constructions of the Atalantic Wall. Includes information about the V-weapon bunkers.

Eyes on the Cape Peenemünde Page - German scientists return to Peenemünde. Pictures taken September 18, 1999, in Peenemünde at an Old Timers reunion.

Lost Places.de - Mike Grube's website that explores forgotten wartime places in and around Germany.

Walter Frentz - Website chronicling the life work of German photographer.

ASTRONAUTIX.COM - Encyclopedia Astronautica; people, rockets, spacecraft, programs. An incredible website filled with loads of data.

Porzelanwerke - International V-2 Research Group member Thomas Kliebenschedel's site of the "Porzelanwerke" in Radarach (near Friedrichshafen). It was a test site for V-2 rockets in de Zeppelin Werk in Friedrichshafen.

RZM Imports - Excellent supplier of historical, technical and modelers literature. RZM offers military history publications you won't find anywhere else.