Modeling the Mobile V2 Batterie
THE OPEL BLITZ; The S-type tankers and the  Maultier

MARCH 2001 - In the German Army the Opel Blitz was one of the most used 3-ton vehicles in use. The main body (undercarriage and cabin) where constructed for two types, the S-type a 2x4 version and the A-type a 4x4 version, there are only small differences in the body and undercarriage. The motor hood for the A-type is a little higher and has other side panels, and the undercarige is modified for the front axel.

In the V2 Batterie the Opel Blitz had differed roles, from the open lorry type, as a tanker and with differed closed body’s even the half-track version of the Blitz, the Maultier. The tankers and the Maultier where the S-type version. The trucks with the closed cabins where almost all of the A-type. For the modeller there is an S-type from Italeri in plastic. (This model is also produced for Faller, Revell and Heller) The Opel Maultier is also available from Italeri and Revell.

Of the A-type there are no plastic models only Azimut has a Resin model A-type with open body, and closed body 4x4-conversion set based on the Maultier frame from Italeri. Italeri has made us glad with an S-type closed body radio truck based on the old S-type open truck.

On this Italeri model there is one major fault the motor grill is not of the right shape. I have asked a colleague modeler, Piet van Heus, for use of his article on those conversions and got permission to publish his article that he wrote for the TWENOT magazine “TANK” some years ago, and now it will be published for the first time on the internet here:

Click here to read the Piet van Hees conversion article
With thanks to Piet van Hees.

Now, having read the complete conversion article from Piet, we find available from Azimut very nice 8-hole wheel sets for our late ‘44/’45 Opel Blitz.

Of which types do we need for our V2 Batterie?

We will need two B-Stoff tankers and one T-Stoff tanker just for the launching site. When we build other sections of the batterie, we need two Maultier for the LS system, these are all S-type frames.

Drawing.We start with the B-Stoff tanker. The firm PSP has a nice detailed conversion set for the S-type, this conversion is molded well. But it is pity that they did not make the backdoors open with a pump interior. And there was (I don’t now if it is still available) a VACU model from Airmodell (Germany) this was a reasonable model but you have to do a lot of work to make it a well looking model.
Resin model of a B-Stoff tanker.
Vacuum molded B-Stoff tanker.

I have made the choice to use some camouflage on the differed vehicles in differed shades. Some in the German Yellow / Sand others total German Green with Yellow / Sand camouflage striping. And at last, it is possible to scrap-build the model with the aid of drawings and pictures.

Drawing.Then we have the T-Stoff tanker, the PSP conversion set is of a nice quality and fits well together. For this model there is also one of those old 1978 drawings from the Modellfan magazine available and it is very well to make a good model from it.
Pic. Pic. Pic.

As you see in the photo’s, the version of PSP has open doors at the back and of the material lockers at the sides. Just follow the building instructions to get a nice straight model and use the pictures on this website for some detailing.


Pic.For the tanker group of the launching site I have chosen German Overall Green, and for some of it - a pattern of German Yellow. I agree with some people that there is no evidence of a camouflage scheme on the photographs that are in all the books about the V2. But Dutch eyewitness told that there was at least a two-tone camouflage on some of the SS-500 vehicles. Also, there is no reason to believe that V2 Battalion vehicles would be painted any different than other Wehrmacht units. Camouflage was even more important to the V2 crews because of prowling Allied fighter aircraft.

For the two resin models I used the Azimut 8 hole Blitz wheels, the Vacu model is an older type with 6 hole wheels. On the resin B-Stoff tanker I did open one backdoor to get a more realistic effect on when making the V2 Launching site. Just drill one part out and make the hole in the right shape, then place at the in side a new bulkhead of the tank, construct some piping in side (Because there are few pictures of a open back of this vehicle you have to use some imagination), then construct from tin plastic plate (TAMIYA Pla plate 0.3 mm) the two door parts and glue it all together.

Then there are the two Maultier trucks in the V2 column, they where in use with for the LS installation of the V2. I have built just one of them because there is still material to find on the other and I don’t have enough info to build the other vehicle or the radio trailers of the LS radio.
Pic. Pic. Pic. Pic.

Maultier.The closed body of the Maultier is from “Air press modell” -they had three different versions for some years. This is a very simple conversion set just the four walls and the roof is included the rest of the work has to be done by yourself. (This model has also new 8 hole wheels and a set of the new track wheels - Azimut conversion)


The B-Stoff pump and the T-Stoff heater trailers will be described in another section and maybe even the radio trailers when we get all the info we need.