A4/V2 Display - Wizernes, France
(Photos by Ed Straten & Tracy Dungan)
   This ragged-camo A-4/V-2 is located under the giant dome bunker of Wizernes. Located in Pas-de-Calais, 5 kilometers from the town of Saint-Omer, La Coupole Museum is now maintained inside of this gigantic underground bunker, designed by the Nazis in 1943 to store, prepare, and launch rockets. The bunker was a key ingredient in Hitler's plan to destroy London and reverse the war. Allied air attacks and late deployment of the A-4/V-2 meant that the amazing bunker would never be used as a launching site.

Wizernes V-2 Bunker

   This particular rocket (or parts of it) were culled from the storage facilities of the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian and donated to French authorities. The rocket was refurbished for display in the newly opened museum in the 1990s. Many portions of this rocket are not original and the assembly is missing internal components.


It is thought that this photo shows the Wizernes V-2 on display in New York after the war.