A-4/V-2 Replica, Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
(Photos by Tracy Dungan and Suzette Ellison)

   This A-4/V-2 replica is located at the Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, OK (verified). This rocket is a full-scale replica, one of four built for filming in the TV mini-series "Space" (1985) by the company that eventually became "Spaceworks" (Hutchinson, Kansas). Three of the four replicas were blown up for the film and this one remained discarded after the production. It was then discovered by Oklahoma native and astronaut, Tom Stafford, who arranged for it to be moved to Oklahoma City. The rocket was moved recently from the main gallery in the Air and Space wing to an upstairs location to make room for a new exhibit. Photos below are from 2000 and more recently 2009, 2012.


Video from 1994

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