A-4/V-2 Replica Display - Militärhistorisches Museum, Dresden, Germany
Photos by Henk Koopman, Ulrich F. Hoppe and others.

   A-4/V-2 replica on display at Militärhistorisches Museum in Dresden. This replica was originally constructed by "Deutsches Raketen und Raumfahrtmuseum e.V." in Stuttgart for the 1952 International Astronautical Congress and shown again in 1953 at "Deutsche Verkehrsausstellung" in Munich. It was made from a few original parts donated by the Deutsches Museum and later became part of the inventory of the Logistschule Hamburg in 1963. The replica and table were again on display in Munich at the "Internationale Verkehrsausstellung IVA" of 1965.


    This rocket was on display in the seventies and eighties inside a small barracks near Hamburg in the village Appen. When the new Luftwaffe Museum was established at Gatow outside of Berlin, the V-2 was placed there in storage. It remained there for many years, hidden from view, until it was recently loaned to the newly opened Military History Museum in Dresden in 2012.

    The replica is a bit disappointing, as it consists of only about 10% of original material and is not quite right in shape or dimensions. The fin shape, skin surfacing and paneling is incorrect and it is missing many hatches, connections and exhausts. The museum does have several genuine A-4 parts on display including an original combustion chamber pulled from remains of the Mittelwerk.

Photos below show replica on display at Appen followed by photos at its current location in Dresden


Photos above and below show the replica on display in 1965 in Munich at the
Internationale Verkehrsausstellung IVA


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