V-2 Rocket DVDs

Operation Backfire
A-4/V-2 British Reconstruction and Field Tests, Film Showing Full Firing Procedures, Special Vehicles, Cuxhaven/Altenwalde

  Operation Backfire was designed to completely evaluate the entire V-2 assembly, interrogate German personnel specialized in all phases of it, and to fire test missiles. V-2 component tech, battery vehicles, detailed launching procedures by German rocket troops.

V-2 Rocket White Sands/Post-War
WSPG, V-2 Component Tech, Onboard
Cameras, Captured German Scientists and V-2 firings.

  Rare Army and newsreel film from the early days of American rocket research. Includes early scenes of the burgeoning Army rocket facility, Rocket research, systems analysis, onboard photography, high altitude research and onboard telemetry.

Rare German Film Reels
A-4/V-2 Firings, A-4/V-2 Field Maintenance, Field Trials, Transport, and Firings + Misfires Peenemünde

  Rare and unedited German V-2 rocket film reels from World War Two. These films were used by the engineers and scientists to study the performance of test missiles launched from locations such as Peenemünde, Heidelager, and Heidekraut.

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From the author of this website:
V-2: A Combat History of the
First Ballistic Missile
by T. D. Dungan

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   In August 1944, Londoners thought the war might be over by Christmas. But on September 8, 1944, in the London suburb of Chiswick, a thunderous double-boom was heard followed by a huge plume of black smoke rising high into the air. Moments later another explosion rocked the earth near Epping. There had been no warnings, no drone of aircraft above, just sudden devastation. Operation Penguin, the V-2 offensive, had begun.

   The A-4 rocket, better known as the V-2, Vergeltungswaffen Zwei, or Vengeance Weapon 2, was the first ballistic missile to be used in combat. Soaring over 50 miles high at supersonic speeds, the V-2 would strike its target within 5 minutes of launching. Once in the air its deadly warhead was unstoppable. The ancestor of all Cold War and modern day ballistic missiles, as well as the rockets used for space exploration, the V-2 could not win the war for Germany—it was too expensive, too complicated, too inaccurate, and its warhead was too small—but its unprecedented invulnerability and influence on Allied planning made the V-2 and the advancements it represented the ultimate war prize, and British, American, and Soviet forces scrambled to seize German rocket technology along with its scientists and engineers.

   In V-2: A Combat History of the First Ballistic Missile, the author relies on an unparalleled collection of original documents, unpublished photographs, and accounts from those who were there to provide a complete description of the V-2 program, the missile's use in combat, and the race to capture its secrets.

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Eight Harvey Avenue · Yardley · Pennsylvania 19067
September 2005 / $24.95 / 6 x 9 / 50 b/w  illustrations / 245 pages / ISBN 1-59416-012-0 / Cloth /  World Rights 
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